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How to manage default view and available views for each SharePoint group in each list ? SharePoint Services 3.0 and MOSS offer a simple answer to this question : You cannot do that !
This new feature will allow you to do this job ! How ?

First, install the setup and after, restart IIS !
After IIS restart, go to the "Site settings" of you SharePoint site. In the "Site Collection Features", you should see an new feature name "SPViewPermissionSetting" as show as the following sceenshot. Activate it !


Now, select a list and go to the "List Settings". In the "General Settings" section, you should see a new menu item : "View Permission Setting (Powered ...)"


If you select this option, a new specific forms able you to define permissions for views. You can define, for each group :
- the default view
- availables views (you must check one view at least)
- mask or display the options "Create or Modify view" in view selector menu


Now, if you connect to your SharePoint site with a user in one of the view customized group and you go to the list, you should arrived to the default view define for this group and see only available views.


Now, let's have fun and don't hesitate to send me feedback at

Requirements : The .wsp must be deploy directly on the SharePoint Server (WSS 3.0 or MOSS) with administrator's rights by stsadm command : stsadm -o installsolution (...) and stsadm -o deploysolution (...).

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