How to fix the error once you add a new Group

Sep 22, 2010 at 3:49 PM

SPViewPermissions works great unless you add a new group, if you do that you get an error.  Here is how to fix the error and add new groups!

0. Make all changes to the Groups as needed (be sure to remember old settings since they will be wiped out)

1.  Install this:

2. Disable the Feature on the Site

3. Log into the Central Admin Console and go to the Operations Tab

4. Click on the "Property Bag Settings" in the newly added "custom Settings" sections (after step 1 is complete)

5. Select Your Server

6.  Select your Web Application

7. Select your Site Collection and then Click "View Property Bag"

8. You will see a Property called "viewpermissionsxml(insert Random Characters)

9. Click Delete on the property above

10.  confirm

11. Enable Feature on Site


Now it should be working again with the new groups you added!