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SPViewPermissionSetting (access bug)


Hello Everyone,
I'm facing a strange issue i cannot put my hand on.
I'm quite thinking to manually hack off the view button off every damn page before we hit the go live if i cannot get my spviewps working again.
Last week we setted up SPViewps on our dev moss and configured it, tested it, change a few right, went back and everything was very well working.
Something strange i did notice (maybe it's normal) every group existing in the people and group can be configured over the view settings, even though they are not defined on the object (library or list) we intend to set the view rights to.
So this morning i realise i cannot get a view working... strange since i'm both in the Owner group (setted up every where) the support group with currently full control on every object and the site collec. admin.
I try to get into the sp view permission settings and get a "there was an error blabla do you want to reset the rights", ok we hit the button and nothing happen.
I try again to get into the spvps mod and get an "Access Denied" message ... hum strange enough and apparently noone encountered the same problem over the web.
We decided to take an export (prior to the problem) of our site to another server just to locate the problem, export goes fine list is accessible, ok we try to dump the export into another moss site on our first server, same thing everything is ok.
Then i tried to go back into the settings everything's ok, put my settings, validate, go back into the spvps and again i get the Access Denied message, go to another list, everything seems fine, i set the right, get out the mod, get back in, access denied.
So i went to our second server, get into spvps, don't touch anything, just hit "ok" and this time i get Registry access error message (only clue i found on google is about a registry key accessing language pack, which we don't have)
The moss is 2007, the os is 2003, we use infopath 2003 forms which i don't believe is at all related to right problems.
The only thing i can think about is to stripp off every rights and try to validate the settings over a newly exported site to see if i still get an error message.
Did anyone got a similar problem and managed to handle it ?
I already bangged my head on the wall with the stupid stsadm utf8 format paste bug and the fabulous and explicit Access denied message and i'm now expecting every thing down to the moon phases to influence my moss. >_<
Thanks in advance


Wrath wrote Jan 11, 2010 at 7:24 PM

Forgot to add if we do desactivate the mod it's ok, if we activate it again we're back to the screwed spvps. I'm also looking for clues on restoring back the moss to before we installed the mod without restoring from backup (i came across a post somewhere i cannot put my hand back on, where there was a mention of core template aspx file being modified).

thanks again

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Wrath wrote Jan 12, 2010 at 9:28 PM

I'll leave the solution i found here althought i'm not sure i understand the causes.

Apparently the rights reference of spviewpermission settings is the whole "people and group", even though you shut off inheritance, that's why even on a single group (or user) defined access sp viewpermission setting will show you every group and propose you to define view permission on non present groups.

first step to set up the view permission is to define all your sharepoint groups.

Once this is done you can shut off the inheritance and define the level of rights of every groups on each object you wanna handle view specific permission.

and THEN activate the feature.

It was VERY IMPORTANT for us to not suppress any groups even thought they are some of your sharepoint group that you don't need on one object. Just put them on an equivalence of the very low level of access your authorize on the object.

Apparently for us there is no way at all to strip some groups if we wanted to keep access to the spviewpermission setting settings.

If your having specific sharepoint group existing that must not have a read access to an object you cannot hide in your moss, from my experience, your screwed sorry. (for us the read access is needed on every list/library for anyone, and most of the critical information table are well hiden anyway so that was not a huge issue).

Hope this helps.

Feel free to contact me if you get any informations on the behavior of spviewpermissionsetting specific to this access bug.

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m_vams wrote Dec 21, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Hi Everybody,

I have been using this SpView pakage since last 2 years. The only one problem which I found with this is - The feature will throw an error, If you add new group in to the list. before enabling the feature,make sure that, you create security groups.


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